Superfestival Benefits

Superfestival is the best experience ever by The 90’s Festival. Did you know? In Superfestival you can enjoy every moment much closer and also enjoy all benefits of the General Admision ticket. With Superfestival, you can skip long queues easily and save more time !

Exclusive Entrance Gate

With your Superfestival ticket you can skip long queues to enter festival area. Also, as 90’s people with Superfestival ticket you’ll have your own Exclusive Entrance Gate. Don’t waste your precious time and energy !

Get closer with your favorite 90’s Performer

As Superfestival ticket holders you will have access to get the best spot in witnessing your favorite 90’s performer from the front of the Stage. So, you can get a good spot easily without wasting your time.

*This applied for all stages (Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4)